I’ve always enjoyed knowing music lyrics and samples and trying to understand their meaning. I think that sometimes the artists can send meaningful direct messages through their music in the form of lyrics or samples.

Around 2001 I started gathering psychedelic trance samples to build a small “fortune” database in my Linux Slackware, so each time a new shell was opened a different psychedelic sample was displayed.

With time this database reached more than a thousand samples and when I started to work as a moderator at the Isratrance’s Unidentified Section it grew even more.

As a psychedelic enthusiast I’ve always dreamed about sharing my samples’ database with all the psychedelic community, but while moderating the Isratrance’s Unidentified Section I realized there was a need for an online updated database, containing some samples from recently released albums.

So I decided to do this in a way that I could help artists and labels, that’s why I put a link to an online sound store with each sample; this way the fans will be only a click away from buying their favorite music.

Since my database is extensive and I’m kinda busy right now trying to get my biochemistry PhD, I won’t be able to upload all the samples at once, but I’ll keep updating the site as often as I can.

Hope this site can help other people.