AcidProjekt – Puzzle of Existence

All possible physical worlds really exist, they’re all out there. We just see a little tiny part of reality that’s described by the laws of quantum field theory, but there are many, many other worlds, parts of reality that are described by vastly different theories that are different from ours in ways we can’t imagine, that are inconceivably exotic.

Standard model of particle physics, has actually flirted with this idea himself, that all possible realities actually exist.

The equations themselves can’t do the magic, can’t resolve the puzzle of existence.

How come the quantum, how come the universe, how come existence?

And so maybe you don’t believe in God. Maybe you’re a scientific atheist or an unscientific atheist, and you don’t believe in God. Why does God exist? Blank + nothing = the world. A quantum fluctuation out of the void. Well, how about science? Science is our best guide to the nature of reality.

Physical laws are actually generalized descriptions of patterns and regularities in the world. They don’t exist outside the world. They don’t have any ontic cloud of their own. They can’t call a world into existence. Out of sheer nothingness, no space, no time, no matter, nothing.